Necessity’s Children

It’s amazing the kinds of things things that leap out, grasp our attention, and say IT MUST BE MINE.  I’ve just seen a silicone mold liner available, and despite the fact that it will almost certainly not fit my existing molds, I really, really want one. Well, no, I want about six of them; there’s no point in only lining one mold, right? But obviously if I buy these, I’d have to buy the molds they fit, and then what would I do with my existing molds? Throw them away? Use them in addition to the new ones but lining them with paper every time? Stick them on a shelf somewhere where they’ll look at me every time I walk into the soap room with the reproachful air common to all tools abandoned before their time?

No. I need a different solution, and the obvious one is: Make my own silicone liners!

So, Project: A Mold For Molds is slated to begin brainstorming this weekend, though actual action will probably not commence for a while, yet. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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