Welcome to Foam on the Range’s new blog-home!  In light of our blogging hiatus (last seen on another site, in another year), perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves  again! I’m Amy Young, founder as well as chief cook and bottlewasher here at Foam on the Range. I started making soap several years ago, let the hobby lapse for a while, then picked it up again in early 2010 with a vengeance and haven’t slowed down since. Once I really got my teeth into the craft, I realized it was perfect for me – a chance to take my poor, previously-neglected bachelor’s degree in science (biology, technically, but chemistry is close enough!), leaven it with a healthy dose of my irrepressible desire to MAKE ALL THE THINGS, and tie it all together with the stubborn entrepreneurial spirit that I appear to have inherited from both sides of my family. Yes, really; both my father and my maternal grandfather spent several decades self-employed. I was doomed from the start…

I love absolutely everything about this business; something I have never before been able to say about work. I love product development, tinkering with various ingredients and materials until they coalesce into the product I was aiming for, or else they don’t and I learn something new about what not to do. I love finding new fragrances and incorporating them into products, and of course the actual making of soap is what drew me into this business in the first place, so obviously I love that! I really look forward to chatting with customers at shows, too – nothing makes me happier than seeing people come back time and again, and getting to know them as people as well as customers.

Designing, making, packaging, selling – I’m having the time of my life running this business, and I’m grateful to have the chance to do it. It is, alas, not my full-time job just yet, but the day will come!

The other voice of the business is Alistair Young, my husband and invaluable partner in this endeavor.  You’ll be hearing from him soon enough around here, too.

It’s a busy season here at Foam on the Range, with our first show of 2012 just around the corner. It’s usually busy in one way or another, though, and when it’s not we’re looking for ways to make it busy – so I imagine there’ll usually be plenty to talk about, and plenty of pictures to share.

We’re not just going to talk about soap and the selling of same around here, of course. We may spend lots of time up to our elbows in the soap pot, but there’s more to life than work, even work one loves. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for an occasional glimpse of ours!


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