Product Profile: Solid Perfume

A regular feature around here will be Product Profiles, wherein I talk about one of our products; what it is, why we make it, frequently how we make it, and generally what makes it awesome enough to be worth our time in developing/making/selling.

We’ll start it off by talking about solid perfume. While this product has been gaining in popularity in recent years, it’s still uncommon enough that customers at shows often have never seen it before and are intrigued by the novelty aspect.

Solid perfume

So, what is it, then? It’s a thick base of beeswax, cocoa and shea butters, and just enough sunflower oil to make the end product spreadable, which I melt together (gently! too much heat damages shea butter) and infuse with delightful fragrances before pouring into cute little aluminum tins to let it solidify into the final perfume product. Just slide back the top, dab a bit of this perfume on, and you’re good to go! It’s perfect to carry along as a purse-perfume, as well – and as one final bonus, you don’t have to worry about putting it in that little plastic bag in the airport security line, as unless the air conditioning has seriously malfunctioned in the terminal, it’s not liquid at all.

Why solid perfume, though? Well, like with many things, it really comes down to personal taste in the end. But as for where they came from, I think, as with many things, the current trend began as a retro fad, recalling the solid perfume lockets from the 1970s – and then took off as customers looking for perfumes without large amounts of solvents and alcohols gravitated toward them.  If made with essential oils, they are even all-natural!

Whatever the reasons, solid perfume is one of our best-selling products. Many customers buy one for the novelty value, then come back the next month and buy five as gifts and another one for themselves!


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