Busy busy busy!

The first of our 2012 in-person shows is a week from tomorrow (more about that later), and I’ve got a lot of getting-ready to do. I’ve also got 65 lb of soap to make this weekend to start building inventory back up after recent orders and pulling stock for this show, plus I need to make a couple of gallons of lotion base, some lip balm, and solid perfumes actually forthe show. I also need to put together product-samples of various kinds for the show and products for two pending consignment orders. I’m not stressed about this t0-do list – I thrive on this sort of thing! – but I’m really excited about all of these goings-on and I can’t seem to sit still inside my head long enough to come up with anything coherent to write. So here, have this adorable picture that I found on the Internet of a hedgehog getting a bath, instead:

Hedgehog, with bubbles

Hedgehog, with bubbles

I’ll be back with interesting things to say, and more-relevant pictures, tomorrow!


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