I love soap.

I know, obvious, right? Why on earth would I do this if I didn’t? Still, it seemed worth saying. I love making soap; watching the the initial coalescing and transformation of oils and lye into something new, through the gorgeous vanilla-custard-looking phase, adding colors (sometimes!), building swirls or layers, and finally pouring the soap into molds and covering them with blankets to keep warm. I love slicing the logs of soap later and seeing how the threads of color in a swirled soap have taken shape in the bars, and the feel of freshly-cut soap on its own is enough to make me smile. And that’s all before we even start talking about fragrance, or about how much nicer this sort of soap is to use than supermarket soaps!

What’s my point? Well, I’ve just made seven batches of soap, and while I’m already tired and my day’s work is far from done, I’m in a really great mood!

Soap in molds

Part of today’s soapmaking!

Right. Now, a shower, and when the dishwasher has finished running, I’ll make some lotion!


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