Product Profile: Foaming Liquid Soap

Today’s profile is of our Foaming Liquid Soap – the first liquid soap we rolled out, and still very popular! It makes a great soap to keep next to your main handwashing sinks, as it’s easy to dispense a handful of foam in a hurry and scrub up!

All of our liquid soap products are made using a version of hot process soapmaking, about which I’ll get into more details at a later date, but for now, I’ll sum it up by saying it takes several hours of tending and several more hours of being left to cook quietly (in a crock pot, usually), to produce a thick, gloppy paste that can be diluted over several more hours into something recognizable as liquid soap. It’s really quite a remarkable process!

The Foaming Liquid Soap is a dilute soap mixture in a cleverly designed bottle which whips air into the soap when the plunger is depressed, creating a perfect foam. It was created almost by accident, as my first dozen or so forays into liquid soapmaking persistently refused to create a thick liquid soap like I envisioned. Never one to take failure at face value, though, I quickly found a way to focus on the things the thin soap does do well – like foam! And while these days I can (and do!) make thicker liquid soap on a regular basis, I still make some batches thin for this on purpose, as it is a really great product.

SLS free like all our soaps, all-natural if unscented or fragranced with essential oils (and 99% natural if scented with one of our other fragrances), this soap is gentle on your hands while cleaning remarkably well, and these days we even sell refills!


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