Places to Find Us: The Onion Tree

The Onion Tree was our first-ever store, in her old location on Hillside. She’s reopened quite recently inside Roots and Bloom on Laura just south of Douglas, not far from Oldtown. It’s a great new location and I’m thrilled that the Onion Tree has reappeared on the Wichita scene! If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, really awesome jewelry, handmade stationery, or any number of other nifty items (including bath and body products from more than just Foam on the Range!), this is a great place to go.

I was there last night dropping off some more products, so I took the opportunity to grab a few pictures:

I didn’t get pictures of everything, by a long stretch (I somehow missed the entire front corner), but that ought to be enough to give you an idea of what sort of place it is, anyway: Very homey and inviting, with something fascinating everywhere you look. I almost bought a necklace last night, even though the last time I wore any jewelry other than my wedding ring was . . . ten years ago? Maybe? But it was so cute! 

This is the first in my series of “places to find us”; there are several more installments yet to come. Of course, if you want to find us, as in Foam on the Range itself, you’ll have to come to a craft show we’re attending (like tomorrow at Food for Thought in Wichita!), but our products are out there for the finding the rest of the time as well, and this store is worth the visit even if you’re not in the market for soap at all! So go by and check out the great stuff at the Onion Tree – and if you happen to be out and about between 10 and 3 tomorrow here in Wichita, come to Food for Thought’s Spring Fling, too! We’d love to see you.


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