I have loved science since before I knew the word. I tinkered with everything as a child, wanting to know why things acted the way they did – I mixed things together, took things apart, rolled things down other things, and generally made a pretty tremendous mess. When older, I took every science class my tiny high school had to offer, and went on to major in biology, and then embarked upon a path to get a PhD in microbiology. I am, in this as in many other things, an unabashed geek.

I am also, it turns out, a dilettante. I was never able to settle down and focus properly on a single area of study in grad school. Learning that the scientists who discover cool things rarely get to do much and the scientists who do things almost never do anything new was also quite a disappointment. I ended up leaving after my first year to flit about to other career choices for some time in what I am quite certain my poor parents thought was utterly feckless aimlessness.

…they might have been right. I really don’t settle down well to following well-worn “normal” paths, as it happens.

Still and all, I never lost my love for science, even if I hadn’t found the right form of it in the halls of academia – and as I’ve mentioned before, this serves me very well indeed in the making of soap and other products.

Which brings me to this: Next on my to-read pile is a book called Scientific Soapmaking, which I’m very much looking forward to. It is essentially inevitable that I’ll geek out so much over at least something I learn in it that I’ll have to share it with all of you, but I’ll do my best to keep the science accessible to, let’s say, a moderately-interested layman.


Right. Reading now. Writing later.


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