Too Darn Hot

The air conditioner in our house died today.

This fairly substantially changed my plans for the rest of the holiday weekend – it may not be full-on summer heat yet, but without air conditioning, moving around enough to make soap or even do inventory is something I won’t be wanting to do in the heat of the afternoon, certainly! Instead, the afternoon today was spent in the basement, with a fan.

I’m such a creature of the modern day. I’m sure I could learn to live without air conditioning if I needed to, but I’m equally sure my coping strategies would include “become nocturnal”.

Fortunately, I don’t have any whipped body butter in inventory at the moment, because the temperature in the house is far above the temperature at which it de-whips! Of course, I could always put it in the fridge if there were any, I suppose. Still, it’s plenty hot enough in here to make me glad I don’t have any significant and immediate deadlines right now, and can therefore afford to take off a couple of days from production, etc., until we get the air conditioner up and running again. I will return you to your regularly-scheduled on-topic blog posts at a point at which my brain has cooled off enough to be coherent.

P. S. On the other hand, tomorrow’s plan includes going to see The Avengers, which I’ve been wanting to see for a month, and there’ll be plenty of air conditioning there.


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