Making of: Blackberry Sage SunSoap

It’s been quiet around here of late, so it’s time for a post with lots of pictures, depicting the making of Blackberry Sage SunSoap. This is not a how-to post; I’ll get around to that at some later date. This is just a bit of inside information for people who want to know some more about how soap happens!

Fragrance Oil

Weighing the fragrance oil…


…and the melted oils.

Generally at this point I add the fragrance oil to the base oils, unless I have some specific reason to hold off until later. Another bit of prepwork:


Colored mica, about to be mixed thoroughly into a bit of avocado oil to disperse any lumps.

So, the oils have been melted together and then cooled to ~110 degrees, the lye, while not pictured separately, has also been mixed and cooled, and the pigment is blended and ready to go when it’s needed. So, it’s time to make soap!

Adding the lye

Pouring the lye in a thin stream into the oils


Stir it up!


Almost emulsified.

I didn’t get a photo of the soap as it reached trace – once that happens, it’s usually time to work pretty fast. So we’ll skip over that and go on to the bits with color.

Soap into pigment

Pouring a bit of soap over the prepared pigment

Colored & uncolored

Cup of colored soap and pot of uncolored soap

Back together again

And back into the main pot goes the colored soap!

As the soap is fairly thick at this point, it is possible to create a fun, random swirl in this fashion.


After a single pass with the spatula.

Most of my soaps are poured into a trough-style mold at this juncture, to be sliced like a loaf into bars after a few days. This one is made in a flat mold, with dividers, though:

Into the mold

Into the mold…

Divided soap

…and in with the dividers.

And then the lid goes on, and some blankets on top of that, and this soap, together with the rest of the day’s soapmaking yield, gets put to bed to undergo a pretty awesome chemical reaction – but that’s a topic for another day.

This particular soaping day was several weeks ago, meaning the soap made above is already off the curing rack and into inventory, though the photo hasn’t been updated yet – it still shows the previous batch, made in the other style of mold:

Blackberry Sage

Blackberry Sage SunSoap

And that’s that – materials to finished product in 13 quick photos! Hope you enjoyed this lightning tour of soapmaking, and do please let me know if there are any specific parts of the process you’d like to hear more about, as I plan to expand on several details in time.


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2 responses to “Making of: Blackberry Sage SunSoap

  • Zeynep

    Oh, that’s the slice out of the soap stack I’m using at my bathroom sink right at this moment! I thought it was raspberry something, but it smells awesome…

  • Amy Young

    It’s not impossible that it’s Black Raspberry Vanilla, actually, but it’s probably Blackberry Sage. It’s good stuff!

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