Foamy News

Bits and pieces I want to be sure to share with people!

  1. First the sad news: My supplier for Red Currant and Thyme fragrance has discontinued it. I have a bit of the soap and of the fragrance (for making other products) left, so it’s not gone yet, but its days are  numbered. I’ve got my eye out for a replacement, but preliminary searches haven’t been promising. But Pomegranate & Black Currant soap is coming soon, and there are several other fruity scents of not-entirely-dissimilar profiles already in the lineup, so the lack of a(n immediate) replacement is not so much of a problem as it might be.
  2. I just got a huge shipment of fragrances on Tuesday, as well as that new mold I posted about last week! I’m so excited, and can’t wait for the next soaping day.
  3. Due to Etsy changing some of its rules, the Foam on the Range store now has adjusted the available quantities for items upward. It’s still not a hard limit – I can usually get you more than the quantity listed – but for people who want to buy two or three of a given thing, the new changes should really streamline your shopping experience.
  4. Our air conditioner is finally fixed! Praise be to climate control; we don’t appreciate you enough when everything is working properly.
  5. Lots of new fragrances coming very soon, from tests and roll-outs in the weeks past. Keep an eye out on our Google+ and Facebook pages for announcements as these get listed in the store!

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