Product Profile: Detangling Spray

I have long hair.

No, longer than that.

Longer than arm’s length, these days, though really a bit overdue for a trim.

…yeah. About like that.

As one might imagine, however much I may love the way my hair behaves after washing it with either my shampoo bar or liquid shampoo, the fact remains that wind and other factors often conspire to turn parts of my hair into near-impenetrable tangles. It can be quite a nightmare, and on more than one occasion I’ve just cut one out rather than spend the hour or so it would take to laboriously pick it free.

I’ve tried any number of things to help in these cases, but never found the right balance – heavy conditioners or straight oil would help, but that’s no good if I can’t turn right around and wash my hair again. Lighter-weight detanglers appeared to have no effect whatsoever except to make my hair lank and gross-looking when I used too much. I had quite despaired of ever resolving the issue when a bit of side research on an ingredient gave me an idea!

Cyclomethicone is a silicone product commonly used in cosmetics for a variety of reasons (I’d originally purchased some to add to the Whipped Body Butter to make the heavy cream feel less greasy while still retaining its richness), but two of its characteristics make it of use in this context: Being silicone-based, it’s very slippery; and it has a low evaporation point, which means it won’t stay on your hair all day and weigh it down. It’s like magic!

After a bit of tinkering, I put together this product and used it quite a bit for the better part of a year before deciding it was too good to keep it all to myself! So the Foam on the Range Detangling Spray was born, and has acquired a few very vocal fans. It’s scented lightly with spearmint and lavender, for relaxation and focus as well as a very pleasant fragrance, though I will make it in other fragrances upon request.

After all, while preventing tangles as possible with proper hair care is best (no harsh shampoos, gentle conditioner with occasional deep conditioning, trims as needed to remove split ends that tend to catch, only very careful combing of hair when wet and fragile), sometimes they happen anyway – and when they do, it’s really nice to have something like this on hand!


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