Show Prep

Last year, Foam on the Range was at a show or farmers’ market virtually every Saturday (and some other days) from April until Christmas. This year, we’ve toned it down quite a lot, because, quite frankly, that nearly killed us. One show per month is our target this year, at least until the Christmas season approaches.

This month’s show is tomorrow: The Artisan Market at Wichita’s LIV Fest. It’s been busy, busy, busy around here, getting soap, lip balm, and solid perfumes packed up to take along, and lotions, spa soaks, body mists, shower gels, foaming soaps, and perfume oils ready to finish up and fragrance to customers’ specifications at the show!

I really love doing shows, but in the day or two right before one, I always get a bit twitchy, and my attempt to make sure nothing whatsoever is forgotten quickly gets to the point at which I’m making lists of my lists. Bowls to mix things in, sanitizing solution to rinse things in, paper towels to keep spills in line; stirrers, gloves, measuring spoons, pipettes, packaging for this, labels for that, and so on. And of course the mundane things, such as chairs to sit in and weights to make sure the canopy doesn’t decide it would really rather prefer not to be in Kansas any more and fly off in the wind.

Stack o' soap

…but mostly, stacks and stacks of soap.

But come show-time, the flurry and frenzy of the prep is entirely forgotten, and it’s just a huge rush and I have an absolutely fantastic time talking to customers and all the other crafters. So come out and see us tomorrow, if you’re in the Wichita area – and we’ll mix you up a custom-scented lotion or perfume oil, while you’re there!


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One response to “Show Prep

  • Amy Young

    Of course, as weather and other circumstances would have it, we didn’t in fact make it to the show on Saturday after all, about which we were very disappointed. Next time!

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