Travel Time!

It’s smack in the middle of vacation season, which in many cases means air travel with its assorted inconveniences:  Uncomfortable seats, delays and layovers, airport food, and, of course, having to put all your liquids in that little bag.

Personally, I hate that little bag, so I try to travel without liquids. To wit:

Bar soap. This one’s obvious, of course, but losing the shower gel and bringing along a bar of soap is a good way to eliminate a liquid from the bag’s lineup. Either a clamshell-style bar soap transporter or a simple Ziploc bag will serve to protect the bar once it’s been used.

Shampoo bar. Personally, I have enough hair that a travel size bottle of shampoo will last me precisely one wash. That’ll do me for a weekend trip, but much longer than that and I’m going to be looking lank and unkempt. A shampoo bar is good for dozens of uses, though, with no liquids required.

Lotion bar. While not as versatile as the regular hand & body cream, lotion bars are a great way to keep moisturized without adding to the bag.

Solid perfume. A great way to smell great, solid-style!

This list doesn’t entirely eliminate liquids, but it gets the liquid phase of my regimen down to pretty much toothpaste and facial moisturizer – and the bar soap is moisturizing enough that I can do without the moisturizer for a few days – and at that point it’s awfully tempting to just buy new toothpaste when I get where I’m going, and skip the bag o’ liquids altogether.

On the other hand, sometimes you just don’t want to replace your favorite product with a non-liquid substitute – and we do our part to help out there, too, by offering travel sizes of most of our liquid products.

I hope all this helps, and that you all enjoy your travels!


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