Product Profile: Body Mist/Linen Spray

While we seem to be having a temporary reprieve from the annihilatingly-hot series of 100+ days we were experiencing for a while, it is still decidedly summery in temperature – and the 100+ days will be back sooner or later, too. So it seems like a good time to write about our Body Mists, because in the heat I carry one around with me pretty much all the time.

Body Mist/Linen Spray

Body Mist/Linen Spray

In making these refreshing sprays, I start with witch hazel, which is a wonderful skin soother in its own right. Adding a bit of fragrance (along with an emulsifying agent to keep you from having to shake up the bottle every time) makes it not only soothing but also delightfully relaxing, invigorating, or any number of other things, depending on what fragrance you choose! It makes a great post-shower body spray, and, to get back to my initial point, is very cooling to spray on your neck, face (eye closed, please!) or arms in the heat.

It’s not strongly scented enough to serve as a perfume, or not for very long, at least – but on the plus side, this means you can spray yourself as often as you like without having to worry about ending up smelling like you just upended a perfume bottle on your head.

And, of course, you can also use it as a linen spray to revitalize musty blankets or freshen up a shirt that’s been in the closet too long.

Our selection of Body Mist/Linen Spray fragrances is here.

Oh, and one more thing – if this break in the temperature has tempted you to stay outside a bit longer than you maybe should have, our After-Sun Spray can help soothe a mild sunburn or windburn. But do please wear sunscreen!


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