Taking the Plunge

As I may or may not have specifically mentioned in this blog, I have for some time been building this business around a full-time job. This obviously has some pretty serious limitations, which I have been running up against hard of late.

Therefore, as of the beginning of this week, Foam on the Range is now my first priority, and the full-time job a thing of the past. This is, as one might imagine, a very intimidating (actually, terrifying) move, but as this is where my passion lies, this is where I should put my energy. I know it might not quite work out all the way, and if I need to, I’ll get a part-time job, and that’ll be okay. But one way or another, I need to give Foam on the Range more time than it has had from me recently!

I’m very excited about this new development, and so I want to celebrate – which means it’s time for a giveaway! Sign up below to be entered to win an awesome gift basket loaded with Foam on the Range goodies. (EDIT: The giveaway is over now, but stay tuned, there’ll be more in the future!)

Right. Back to work. And thank you, by the way, all of you, for making Foam on the Range grow so much so fast! Here’s to the next 2.5 years – may they bring as many happy surprises as the last 2.5.


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