Product Profile: Shampoo Bars

Not everyone has heard of shampoo bars, and for those who haven’t, the idea of solid shampoo can be pretty weird. There are quite a few benefits to be found in this form factor, though, starting with the eco-friendliness of cutting down on plastic bottles from shampoo – but the goodness doesn’t end there.

Jasmine & Bergamot Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are a great treat for your hair! Not only do they not strip away so much of the natural protective oils in your hair as some harsh synthetic shampoos can, but they contain several rich, hair-loving oils like castor oil and jojoba oil, to add moisture and shine. Only the driest of hair needs conditioner after washing with solid shampoo and following up with a quick vinegar rinse (I use 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a quart of warm water). Don’t worry, the vinegar doesn’t leave your hair smelling like a salad – but if you prefer, you can use diluted lemon juice instead.

Depending on a variety of factors, it can take up to a couple of weeks for your hair to adjust to the new shampoo, but many people report their hair being softer and shinier straight away. Not to mention, a shampoo bar lasts *much* longer per dollar than a bottle of shampoo!

If it turns out that your hair and our shampoo bars don’t get along after all, they also make great all-over soap, even richer and more moisturizing than our regular SunSoap.


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2 responses to “Product Profile: Shampoo Bars

  • katie z.

    These may have to be the next soap I try. I have waist-length hair, and it takes SO MUCH shampoo to wash it!

    • Amy Young

      My hair is a bit more than waist-length, and shampoo bars work great for me if I’m not in a tearing hurry – it can take a while to suds up that much hair with the bar without rushing it in such a way as to cause significant later tangling. So I keep a bottle of liquid shampoo on hand for when I’m pressed for time, but I do like the bars!

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