FotR for LotR!

Did you know there was a Tolkien holiday? I didn’t, until quite recently: September 22 is Hobbit Day –  Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. Combining my near-lifelong Tolkien fangirlness with the coincidental acronym overlap (Foam on the Range<>Fellowship of the Ring), it seems appropriate that I should celebrate this event – so I created a two-pack of Woodland Elves and Dragon’s Blood soaps, to let people create a bit of magic for themselves.

Hobbit Day Two-Pack

Woodland Elves is a brisk, evergreen-forest scent, crisp and invigorating; appropriately timeless. Dragon’s Blood is a rich fragrance with an undercurrent of heat. They won’t carry you off to Middle Earth, but perhaps they’ll help evoke it a bit. Find it here.

…and if something does come to sweep us all off to Middle Earth, you’ll probably find me peddling soap near Edoras. Or possibly in the Shire.


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