Deals, Deals Everywhere

Business is gearing up toward the holiday season around here, but we still have time for some special deals!

  • We had a large order cancellation leave us with a stockpile of Eucalyptus Spearmint Foaming Liquid Soaps, which means while the supply lasts they’re selling for $3.95 rather than the usual $5.50. A great deal on some great soap!
  • We generally make our Solid Perfumes to-order rather than ahead of time, but over the last few months we’ve been gradually accumulating a backlog. So we’ve listed 80 solid perfumes of assorted scents at a discount – $4.95, down from $6.95 – to move some of those out of here and off to happy homes. They make great stocking stuffers!
  • I recently listed a new lot of Mystery Soap – discontinued, dented, or otherwise not-quite-perfect soap for $1/bar.
  • We’ve got a birthday in the office this week – our Sudsmaster, Alistair, is turning 38 – which seems like a good opportunity for a sale! You can use coupon code SUDSMASTER through this weekend to save 20% on everything in our Etsy shop – including the above deals, which makes them even better!

And don’t forget to check the box for your free soap sample with every order – a different one every month!


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