Catching up

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet, though you could certainly be forgiven for having assumed otherwise. It’s been a long and crazy couple of months around here since my last post, but for the most part good. We had a fantastic Christmas season (thanks to all of you!), and then took the first couple of weeks of 2013 mostly off to rest up.

There are a lot of new things in the works around here. We have new soap packaging:

New SunSoap/Shampoo Bar packaging

New SunSoap/Shampoo Bar packaging

I’m very pleased with how this looks and think it will be a tremendous improvement in protecting the soap on shelves or in shipment. And the window means you can still see (and sniff!) the soaps in their boxes, too.

I have been tinkering with blending nail polish colors lately, and while it may be some time before I’m ready to sell them online for assorted tedious technical reasons, it shouldn’t be too much longer before they make an appearance for in-person sales – and I’m working on a way to put together a make-your-own-colors-party option, too, which should be a lot of fun.

We’re still trying to pin down what shows we want to attend this year, though we will be starting the year’s show season at Bluebird Arthouse February 9 – just in time for Valentine’s Day! We’ll be returning to many of our favorite shows this year and are planning to do a few new and different ones, too.

Well, that brings things more or less up to date, or at least hits some of the highlights. Further updates should hopefully not be so long in coming!


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