Nail Polish Parties

A few days ago I mentioned nail polish parties and said I’d explain them later. Well, it’s later!

A nail polish party is the polish-fan’s dream: an opportunity to dive in, get hands-on, and blend up nail polishes yourself, in any color you can concoct from the hundreds of shades of powdered pigments I have on hand. All it needs is a table big enough to seat everyone (or a space big enough to set up tables), well covered in case of spills and also in a well ventilated area as nail polish fumes can get pretty potent. Plan for it to take about three hours to allow time for both experimentation and socializing. The first nail polish mixed up by each attendee costs $10 (normal price), and subsequent polishes will be $5 each.

Sound like fun? It is! If you have half a dozen or so friends who love nail polish and want to host one, e-mail me! I’m in the market for venues to host public parties as well, so if you have a store or other space and think this sort of event would suit your clientele, I’d love to hear from you, too. And I can’t wait to see the colors people come up with!


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