Vintage Lye!

I’ve mentioned my grandfather on here before, but I don’t think I mentioned that he made soap. It wasn’t one of the more significant of his serial entrepreneurships, but it did make the list. Sadly, he passed away before I’d done more than make a few test batches myself, so he never got to see Foam on the Range come into being.

A couple of years ago, we were cleaning out his garage, and I found this:

Vintage Lye

Vintage lye! I have no idea how old this can is, and obviously the contents have long since deteriorated into  who knows what – and it’s rusted shut. But regardless, it’s a piece of family history, and I love having the tangible piece of family history tying my soapmaking back to Grandpa’s soapmaking, even though we never got to make soap together. It lives on a shelf above my soaping space, with my other inspirations.

What sort of inspirations do you keep around for your day-to-day life?


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One response to “Vintage Lye!

  • Zeynep

    My mini-mineral collection: Originally it was the link between crystallography and semiconductors, now it’s the link between crystallography and more general chemistry, either way it’s Relevant to my Interests and pretty.

    A couple of poem/quote snippets that I wrote, not calligraphically but sort of carefully, on post-it size paper and stuck up there. William Blake, Terry Pratchett, John Ford, Lord Tennyson.

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