Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge: Elemental Swirl

Week Two of the soap challenges! This week is the Elemental Swirl – watch Amy Warden demonstrate it here.

The basic idea is to make two different swirls in contrasting colorways, layering one atop the other with a line of mica in between. This can create remarkably striking effects – before the results of this challenge started going up, the most common use of this I had seen was a blues-and-oranges contrast; a sort of “Fire & Ice” soap. I like that look quite a bit, and indeed may make one myself one of these days, but this is not that day.

Elemental Patchouli

Elemental Patchouli

Shades of brown under shades of pink, with violet in between. Oh, and –

Patchouli 2013-1

– the embedded green pieces were my own addition to the technique, in my patented “can’t leave well enough alone” approach. I was pretty pleased with myself that I managed to pull this off, actually!  I don’t imagine I’ll be making all my Patchouli batches like this in the future, but at least for a while, this will be the new look for that soap!

Next up: Mica swirl tops. I tinkered with this technique a bit last week and I’m already planning the soap for the challenge! But for now – head over and check out the other elemental swirl pictures – there are some really cool soaps posted already!


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