New Looks!

If you’ve been following along here or on Facebook/Google+, you will have seen that I have been changing the “looks” for several old-standby soaps lately.

Black Tea

Black Tea

Partly this is due to inspiration, support, and techniques I learned at the Central Soapers’ Workshop conference I attended early last month (including the above technique!) – but most of it is the confidence I picked up there regarding color.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

I have a mixed relationship with color. I love it; brilliant, saturated colors are mesmerizing to me, and I could simply stare at them all day. However, when it comes to my soap, I have usually been pretty leery of color. I would use too little pigment in the soap and end up with a washed-out version of the shade I had been going for; I would color too little of the soap and the effect would be more muted than I had intended; or I would second-guess my bolder color choices and end up back in the Color Comfort Zone.

Well, maybe not ALWAYS - but this was an exception.

Well, maybe not ALWAYS – but this was an exception.

I’ve made several soaps in the last few weeks which have a much greater visual interest level than those I tended to default to before, and I’m thrilled with them – and with having successfully taken a step forward in my craft, rather than stagnating in the Same Old Stuff territory. The Soap Challenges have been a great help in that – two down, two to go! – and at this point, I feel like even once they’re past, I have probably managed sufficient momentum to keep on forging new ground until the rut is no longer there waiting for me to fall back into it.

Elemental Patchouli - definitely out of the rut!

Elemental Patchouli – definitely out of the rut!

So: Forward momentum, as one of my favorite fictional characters is fond of saying. What’s next? I have no idea!


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