Time for S.O.A.P.y Fun!

I got picked for the S.O.A.P. team! What on earth is that, you ask? It’s a panel assembled to help Bramble Berry pick out new fragrances. I got my box of mystery fragrances yesterday:

SOAP box


I opened the box immediately, excited to get sniffin’. However, once I got the bottles out, I realized that I had better hold off a bit – the freak ice storm we had in Kansas yesterday resulted in temperatures low enough that the glass bottles were painfully cold to the touch, and being that cold would throw off the scent profiles like crazy. So I had to look at this:

SOAP scents


for about three hours, while I waited for them to come to room temperature. But then I spent an hour with a notepad, some scent-palate-cleansing coffee grounds, and the bottles, sniffing and recording impressions. I’m making plans for what to do to test the fragrances (besides soap, of course), and setting up soap-testing parameters, and basically trotting out lots of experiment-designing skills originally acquired back when I thought I was going to be a scientist when I grew up.

…wait. I think I managed that, after all. But I have to say, soap smells WAY better than agar and nutrient yeast.

Anyway. Updates about testing and impressions forthcoming periodically over the next few weeks!


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