Need a lot of soap? We can help with that! Whether you need lots of bars for gifts, want to sell wholesale, or just go through a lot of soap (ideal for B&Bs!), soap logs might be the solution.

Saffron & Honey Log

Saffron & Honey Log

Why buy soap by the log? In addition to the wholesale-level discount (you pay about 50% off the per-bar cost for this quantity of soap), you can slice bars in whatever size you like – or even let customers slice their own, if you’re buying it to resell.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Log

These logs are available in our entire fragrance lineup upon request. Only a couple are listed so far, but more are coming – and if you’re interested in one I haven’t got listed for sale yet, just drop me a line. They are made to order, so allow up to four weeks for curing, to allow the soap to harden enough to ship intact.


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