Fun with Rebatching

I’ve talked about rebatching soap before, but honestly, I don’t really do it very often – for the most part, my batches either come out as something I’m happy with or something completely unsalvageable; not a whole lot in between. This past week, though, I made one that came out in the rebatch-worthy middle ground.


Lye-Heavy – yuck!

Fortunately, I realized what had gone wrong and about how wrong it had gone, so I had a pretty good feeling about being able to fix it. Into the pot it went, with some additional avocado oil to suck up the extra lye, and just the tiniest bit of water – didn’t need much; it was only day-old soap and still had quite a bit of water in it. And then, in the oven. I wasn’t in a hurry, and it was actually fairly late in the day, so I just put it in on “warm” and left it overnight.

All Melty

All Melty

The next morning, it was ready to go! I glopped it around for a while to be sure it was mixed up, and then wham, into the mold.

…with a little purple mica for good measure!

All finished!

All finished!

And here we are, rustic-looking Rose Garden soap, all ready to join the Limited Edition lineup in a week or so – just in time for Mother’s Day! A pretty nice save, all things considered.


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