Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Leopard Spots

Well, sort of. I pretty much struck out on this one, as it happens. Most of my “spots” look like “kinda blurry lines”. But I did get a few close-ish ones:

Blotchy spots.

Blotchy spots.

The thing is, since I was (inadvisedly) using a floral, I was so paranoid about it accelerating and seizing up on me, that instead the colored soap was WAY too runny. I’ll try this technique again soon, but won’t get it done before the end of the challenge period, so this is it for now. In the mean time, my Pink Peony soap is . . . not what I was aiming for! But it looks sort of nifty, in a “pink cirrus clouds” kind of way, so I guess that’s something.

Go here to take a look at what it was SUPPOSED to look like!

I’ve really enjoyed doing these challenges, and actually I’ve decided to round up some more techniques I want to coax myself to try, as a sort of do-it-yourself challenge set over the next few months. I’ll put a redo of this one in that list – which in the interest of accountability I’ll be posting soon! It looks like Amy Warden is going to do some more public challenges, too, which is also awesome. This “learn new stuff” gig turns out to be pretty fun – and even more fun when there are others doing the same thing.


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