Keeping up the Challenges

The challenges from Great Cakes Soapworks were such a lot of fun, and I learned so much about new techniques, that I decided to set myself some more challenge goals to meet, with techniques I haven’t tried before or which I haven’t successfully pulled off.

I’ll start it off easy; first I’ll take another swing at the Leopard Spot pattern that defeated me at the end of Amy’s challenges. I have a good idea what I did wrong last time, so I think I’ll be able to achieve it, even it it takes me a couple of goes.

Next, I’ll try the peacock swirl. I’ve seen this all over the place, but I haven’t ever given it a shot myself – until recently, I’ve shied away from flat-mold swirl patterns, for no reason I can readily articulate. It’s a really pretty effect, though, and should be fun.

Also in the probable lineup but not in any particular order yet: Mantra swirl (tried this a couple of times with no success yet), drop swirl, and a Very Secret Project that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet – in fact, that one I probably won’t bring up unless and until I manage to pull it off successfully.

There’ll be more, too, but I figure that’ll be enough to keep me busy for a while – I’m hoping to do one a month. Stay tuned!


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