New Soaps!

Recently, I received a request to make a couple of prairie/Western-themed soaps. Upon pondering this for a while, I came up with two ideas, which after some revisions and tinkering along the way ended up being named Before the Harvest and Prairie Twilight. Which tells you not very much at all, really, so let’s get into some details!

Before the Harvest

Before the Harvest

Listing text: Sharp and grassy, with just a hint of a hot, dry wind – perfect harvest conditions! Suds up after a day in the field to wash off all that pesky grain dust, or after a day in the office, for that matter, if you’re more of a city type than a farm hand. Either way, it’s sure to please!

This one is a lot of fun, though it didn’t turn out 100% the way I envisioned. (More like 85%, I’d say.) Still, I like it, and I think it captures the concept I was aiming for.

Prairie Twilight

Prairie Twilight

Listing text: Sunset on the prairie is rarely quick, and often spectacular. When you have quite this much horizon, after all, there’s an awfully lot of canvas available for the nightly artistry to spread out across. But my favorite part comes after the sun has set but before the colors have faded from the sky; when the night is not quite arrived but the day has departed. This soap is an attempt to capture that fleeting evening moment, with a riotous collection of ground and sky colors and a dark, sultry evening scent laden with amber and jasmine.

I absolutely love this soap. I think it is my very favorite of all soaps I have ever made! The ground/sky contrast, the blues and purples in the sunset part with just a hint of fire, the deep, dark scent (which is currently permeating the entire curing room) – I love it all. I think I’ll have to try to do this one again when it runs out!


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