Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother and her mother!

My mother and her mother!

We had a lovely time today with two of my favorite women in the world (and, y’know, some other people, too). My brother and I made an assortment of tapas, and there was sangria, and we got to watch my adorable toddler-niece run about like toddlers do, and it was all a lot of fun.

I am not a mother myself, but I love Mother’s Day. We’re actually quite a celebratin’ family – any excuse to get together and eat cake is seized upon quite eagerly – but we don’t let the frequency of our festivities distract us from the reasons for them, and I am not blind to how fortunate I am to still have not only one but TWO maternal generations to celebrate. And this year, we celebrated them by cooking them dinner! (I also gave my mother a perfume from a line I’m working on developing, but really, the dinner was the main gift.)

I hope all of you had a lovely Mother’s Day, or at least a lovely Sunday. I think I will top off my Sunday afternoon with a bit of a nap – and then get up and make a batch of Hand & Body Cream. Can’t put off the gettin’ back to work forever!


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