Workspace Incoming

A few months ago, I decided to tackle the Project of converting the unfinished part of our basement into a soap studio, and embarked upon making Plans. As it turns out, the plans have developed layers and dependencies and delays and at this rate I’ll be surprised if I get the project finished in time to make Christmas soap in the new studio, but the dream itself is serving as a nice motivator. It’s going to be FANTASTIC to expand the soap (and other stuff) production out of my teeny-tiny 1930s-era kitchen (well, and the entire dining room, and most of the spare bedroom) into a vast expanse of basement, with shelving and countertops built to spec, and curing space galore. I’d say I won’t know what to do with all the space, but I’d be lying. I know exactly what I’ll do with all of it: Fill it with soap, and promptly start daydreaming about a warehouse. Or a storefront.

I may have a bit of a problem with being unable to be satisfied with things as they are, pretty much ever. But then, that’s why I am self-employed in the first place, right?

Right. OK, I’m off to whip some more body butter, and set up for tomorrow’s gel soap production, and finish listing the latest batch of clearance, and so forth. Workworkwork – I need to clear away enough of the other items from my to-do list so I can make soap before the end of the week – I’ve got my next try at the leopard-spot soap lined up!


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