Down Time Is Important, They Say…

…but self-employed people are often pretty bad at remembering to take any. In fact, last year I was so bad at it that I worked myself into a complete immune system collapse and ended up sick for the first eight or ten weeks of 2013. Don’t do that, kids. It’s not a good plan.

While I was convalescing (for which read: sitting on the couch under a giant heap of blankets trying to find sedentary-yet-productive things to do, then getting up and trying to Do Something in the soap room and dropping product on my foot or knocking things off of tables or falling down and being roundly scolded by my husband for trying to cause a relapse, and then slinking back to the couch in shame to resume my boredom), I spent some effort on trying to come up with ways to make this not happen again.

What I came up with: The novel concept of taking off three or four hours per week (which, let’s face it, still leaves plenty of time to work about 100 hours in said week), LEAVING THE HOUSE (because otherwise we’d both keep working despite our best intentions), and going to dinner and a movie or some similar date-like endeavor. It seemed like a great plan! We love movies but generally don’t get to see them all that often (Avengers had been out for MONTHS before we saw it last year, despite the intersection of “superheroes” and “Joss Whedon” in the Venn diagram of entertainment pretty much pegging out the awesome-meter so far as we’re concerned), plus cell phones and other mobile devices are banned in the theater so our not-working would be enforced by an outside party, and there’d be a set length of time in which we would Not Be Working.

So, once I was past enough of the worst of the sickness that I was able to venture forth from the couch, we implemented this plan. Off we went to try to round up some lingering end-of-year movies. The plan worked like a charm! We went . . . twice. The third week, we just plain forgot to go, when the scheduled day came around. The fourth week, we had some excuse or other. And by the fifth, the plan had evaporated, poof. No more scheduled time off for us!

Flash forward to now, mid-May, as we are making an effort to start the plan back up again. We have, in fact, taken off about four hours yesterday afternoon (We saw Iron Man Three!), and it was . . . really, really hard. I mean, the movie was fantastic! But I wanted to check my e-mail for customer inquiries, and make notes of new product ideas I came up with, and add things to my to-do list, and fire up my phone to tinker with sales listings, and it was incredibly difficult to focus on the Things Blowing Up on-screen instead. And when we went out for coffee after the movie? We pretty much talked shop the whole time.

But it’s a start, right? And maybe we’ll even remember to do it again next week!


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