New Soap Studio Update

I’ve still got a long way to go in setting up my new workspace, but I did accomplish one thing this weekend:

Fragrances: Organized!

Fragrances: Organized!

It’s not the world’s best photo, partly because I haven’t installed the new lighting yet. It does convey the general idea, though. It is a 4′ wide, 6′ tall bookcase, sized for mass-market paperbacks, which I have converted to fragrance oil storage. Several shelves are stacked two or three bottles deep, and there are two shelves above the photographed area which are still unfilled; I expect to fill them with smaller bottles of oils and extracts.

So: It’s only a beginning, but it feels pretty good to have one piece of the project finished – and also to have the fragrances organized MUCH better than they have ever been before. Next up: Establishing a place in the new studio to set up storage for packaging and containers awaiting use.


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