Fall 2013 Limited Editions, Week One

I mentioned last week that our Limited Edition lineup was about to start its periodic changeover – and here it goes! I’m really excited about bringing out some new and exciting scents, and also bringing back some old favorites. There’ll be two new soaps (and assorted other products in matching fragrances) every week for the next several weeks. Good times!

This week is all about the old favorites, and man, I’ve really missed both of these since they last left the lineup.

Plum Tea

Plum Tea

Plum Tea

The description: Soft, delicate notes of delicious ripe plum intertwine with the enticing aroma of white tea (and just a hint of black), layered over hints of sweeter fruitiness and a touch of florals. Not too sweet, not too cloying – this scent is clean, fresh, and perfect for late summer and early autumn. Delightful!

This fragrance is very broad in its appeal, and is particularly well-suited to lotion and perfume, though certainly no slouch in soaps. Supply of this scent is somewhat limited, so if it strikes your fancy, don’t wait too long! Available here and here.

Egyptian Musk

Egyptian Musk (2)

The description: This scent is deep, dark, and rich, musky with a touch of sensual florals and just the tiniest hint of powder. It is an incredibly compelling blend and a delight to all the senses.

Another scent I had been very sorry to see go last time!  I especially love using the Egyptian Musk scented bath bombs; the clouds of fragrant steam go very well with the decadence of this fragrance. It is also a wonderful perfume/spray scent! Available here and here.

And that’s it for this week’s additions! Next week there’ll be two brand-new scents – and Sweet Pea will retire, likely to return next spring. (Ordinarily there’d be two dropping out to match the two new ones, but the other one slated for withdrawal next week is all sold out already!)


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