Fall 2013 Limited Editions, Week Two

This week’s new Limited Editions are both newcomers to Foam on the Range!

Black Forest

Black Forest

Black Forest

The description: What will you find in this version of the Black Forest? Chocolate and cherries and cream, oh my! It is delicious and decadent and delightful, and quite frankly I had a hard time remembering not to lick the spoon when I was making it.

Inspired by and named after the popular dessert Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), this soap smells sweeter and richer than any I have ever made before. Absolutely delectable! Available here and here.

Oil and Gold

Oil and Gold

Oil and Gold

The description: Smells like a million bucks! The complex depth of the scent of Nag Champa creates a gorgeous contrast with the stunning simplicity of a black field with a tracery of gold on top.

I am very pleased with this soap. Sometimes I get carried away making soaps more and more elaborate, and while that’s a whole lot of fun and I don’t plan to stop doing it any time soon, it’s also good to remember there can be beauty in simplicity as well. Available here and here.

Both of this week’s Limited Editions are listed soap-only, rather than the entire lineup of products. However, if you really want a Black Forest Whipped Body Butter or an Oil and Gold Perfume Oil, or another variation, I would be happy to put one together for you!

And before I wrap this up, the two fragrances going away next Wednesday are: Lychee Red Tea and Pink Peony. Get ’em while they’re here!


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