Fall 2013 Limited Editions, Week Three

Another week, another pair of new soaps!

Good Clean Dirt

Good Clean Dirt

Good Clean Dirt

The description: Damp clay, piles of fallen leaves, fresh-turned soil: Comforting, earthy fragrances which make us feel closer to nature. A very subtle scent. Great for hunters, gardeners, nature-lovers, and kids who won’t take a bath because they’d rather smell like dirt!

I have a long and not entirely uncheckered history with this soap. I have loved it since I first smelled it; one of my earliest memories is playing in my father’s pottery studio, and the earthy, dusty scent of this soap takes me right back there, sitting in the clay dust rolling out snakes from scraps at the age of three or four. So I really, really wanted to do it justice and make a good product from it. But it, alas, did not want to cooperate, and so I produced batch after batch of, well, ugly soap. I believe now, after years of trying off and on, I have finally made a bar of soap in this scent which looks like I wanted it to! I hope you all enjoy the scent as much as I do.

Available here and here.

Red Currant and Thyme

Red Currant & Thyme

Red Currant & Thyme

The description: A complex and utterly delicious blend of fruit and herbal notes, compelling and delightful.

The very first time I opened a bottle of this fragrance I was awestruck. I sat there sniffing the bottle for what seemed like an hour but was probably only two or three minutes, with a look on my face that led my husband to refer to it as “Amynip”. Soaps made from this scent sold like crazy, too, so it wasn’t just me who felt that way about it. And then one day, I went to re-order, and it WASN’T THERE. I was horrified. I immediately went into hoard-mode with the bit of the fragrance that I still had in stock, and have spent quite some time dithering over what to do with it. Well, here it is! A peacock swirl in gorgeous red and gold, as stunning in appearance as it is in aroma. Enjoy! SunSoap only, available while supplies last.

(Yes, I know there are other suppliers who offer a Red Currant and Thyme scent, and one of these days I’ll work up the courage to court disappointment and order one to sniff. I’ve even got my eye on a specific one, in fact, when I’m ready to give it a whirl. Maybe it’ll be every bit as awesome as the one I can’t get anymore, and then we can all rejoice!)

Available here and here.

This week’s short-timer: Green Garden. Spearmint Lavender would have been there, too, but it’s sold out already!


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