Variation-Enabled Listings

The latest in a series of streamlining efforts, attempting to make it easier to browse the Etsy store: Variations for Limited Edition lotions, shower gels, and many other products! This means you can see the whole current lineup of limited edition scents for these products in one convenient listing, instead of having to browse all over the store.  This will also make it more likely that new limited editions will actually appear in all of these products, as well.

There is one down side: The variations do not show up in search. Which means if you search the shop for, say, “rose lotion” right now, you won’t get any results, despite there being a Rose Garden Hand & Body Cream, a Rose Garden Whipped Body Butter, AND a Rose Garden Lotion Bar in the variation-sets for the respective products. So if you’re looking for a particular product and it doesn’t show up for you in search, you might take a look at the relevant Limited Edition listing and see if it’s there, just in case. I’m hoping Etsy will add the variations to the searchable fields soon, but in the mean time, we must muddle through with what we have.

Here’s the current Limited Edition lineup, available in all of the listed products (and the list is going to get longer over the next several weeks!):

Black Forest: What will you find in this version of the Black Forest? Chocolate and cherries and cream, oh my! It is delicious and decadent and delightful.

Egyptian Musk: This scent is deep, dark, and rich, musky with a touch of sensual florals and just the tiniest hint of powder. It is an incredibly compelling blend and a delight to all the senses.

Gardens by Moonlight: Lavender, rose, violet, musk; a dark and delectable blend of sensual and floral notes which is sure to satisfy.

Good Clean Dirt: Damp clay, piles of fallen leaves, fresh-turned soil: Comforting, earthy fragrances which make us feel closer to nature. A very subtle scent. Great for hunters, gardeners, nature-lovers, and kids who won’t take a bath because they’d rather smell like dirt!

Green Garden: This is a fresh green smelling, slightly spicy fragrance with notes of violet, jasmine, bitter orange, lemon, and a hint of musk.

Melon Spritzer: This is an absolutely delightful and delicious blend of astonishingly realistic melon scents with just a hint of fizz in the undertone. Incredibly summery!

Oil and Gold: Smells like a million bucks! The complex depth of the scent of Nag Champa creates a gorgeous contrast with the stunning simplicity of a black field with a tracery of gold on top.

Just Peachy: This isn’t your traditional peach; it’s softer, more rounded with some white floral notes and supporting softer tropical notes (think guava, mango and ripe papaya) thrown in to make a complex, sweet peachy dessert scent.

Plum Tea: Soft, delicate notes of delicious ripe plum intertwine with the enticing aroma of white tea (and just a hint of black), layered over hints of sweeter fruitiness and a touch of florals. Not too sweet, not too cloying – this scent is clean, fresh, and perfect for late summer and early autumn. Delightful!

Rose Garden: Like an English rose garden, heady and decadent, this fragrance is as romantic as they come.

Summer Fling: This berry-laden fragrance carries with it thoughts of long, sun-drenched summer afternoons with a bowl of fresh peaches, blackberries, and raspberries. Fresh summer fruit is fleeting, but this fragrance smells every bit as good in January as in June! Excellent whenever you feel like a piece of summertime.


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