Fall 2013 Limited Editions, Week Four

And what does this week have in store? A pair of old  favorites with new looks!




The description: Reminiscent of fresh-baked almond spritz cookies, this fragrance will lift your spirits and put you in mind of holiday baking! Homey and delicious.

I love almonds and almond-flavored things, and so it was a source of sadness for me that for pretty much the entirety of my 20s, I was allergic to them. Then, suddenly and as mysteriously as it appeared, the allergy vanished! But while it lingered, almond-scented things like this were great to have around to help assuage the cravings! Even now, though, I love a good, rich almond fragrance. It’s a fantastic addition to the fall/winter line, reminding us as it does so strongly of baked goods and tastiness.

Available here in soap, and here in other product lines.

Spellbound Woods

Spellbound Woods

Spellbound Woods

The description: These woods are lovely, dark and deep indeed! Amber, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, with just enough light notes to keep it from being too bottom-heavy a fragrance; this blend is absolutely incredible.

Imagine the richest, sweetest, most luscious vanilla you have ever smelled. Add in a hint of musk and an array of woodsy scents, sprinkle a hint of tantalizingly just-out-of-identifiable-range lighter notes across the top (citrus? Maybe . . . ), and you might have some idea of what this smells like. It is sensuous and spectacular, and not to be missed for anyone who enjoys the darker end of the scent profile range.

Available here in soap, with other product lines available here.

And what are we preparing to bid farewell to next Wdenesday? Melon Spritzer and Sunflowers. Get ’em while they’re here!


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