Autumn in Waiting

I love autumn.

Let me back up. In one sense, I have been known to say that my favorite season is always whichever one is next. I love to look ahead and anticipate the joys of each season as the old one begins to drag on past its welcome. Winter’s first frost is thrilling, but it grows dreary and dull by late February, and I always cheer to see the first bits of green appear, heralding spring’s arrival. And yet by spring’s end, I am weary of the soggy, endless rains and ready for some clear, bright, dry, sunshine. But by late August, the heat has baked my brain silly, and I can’t wait for the first crisp, cool fall morning, or the smell of burning leaves.

So, right now, I’m primed to be antsy for autumnal things, but really, it’s my most favorite season of all, however much I love the others. And yes, in three months or so I’ll be tired of dead leaves and brown grass and looking forward to a bit of snow, but that’s all in the future!

I’m especially eager for autumn this year because I have so many awesome fall soaps queued up to share with you over the next two months – and now that September is here, I can even do so without feeling quite so silly as I did talking about autumn in August! School is back in session just about everywhere, and while the first turning leaves are a few weeks away here in Kansas, I can at least begin to anticipate them.

Fresh Fallen Leaves in the mold (forthcoming Oct. 2)

Fresh Fallen Leaves in the mold (forthcoming Oct. 2)


And fall craft fair season is just about to begin! This Saturday will find us at Absolute Vintage Boutique for their Vintage Girl outdoor market. It’ll be our first time at one of their markets, and I’m looking forward to it! If you’re out and about in the west part of Wichita (near Maple and Ridge) on Saturday, stop by and see us and the other awesome vendors. It’ll be a great time!


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One response to “Autumn in Waiting

  • lindsey @ Bear Soap

    You just summed up exactly how I am about the seasons – eager to see the next one when the one we are in has “worn out it’s welcome”!
    That said – I SUPER love fall. Always have. For all the reasons you mentioned and more. Love it. And I love the soap scents even more for this time of year – the cedarwood, the anise, the cinnamon…so good.
    I can’t wait to see these soaps turn out – they look great just in the mold!

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