New Stuff: Beer Soap!

Wait, what? Soap made out of beer? Absolutely! Beer is fantastic for your skin (and your hair, but maybe I’ll do something about that later). Antioxidants, amino acids, and more – it’s really quite phenomenal. It also changes the character of the soap’s lather, and is just all-in-all really great in soap. Also, let’s face it, beer is pretty awesome in its own right, yeah? These six soaps are all made with Kansas-area beers!

So anyway, on to the soap!

I’m so happy with these six soaps, and thrilled they’re finally ready to show off – just in time for the official start of Oktoberfest this weekend! You can find them here or here – and we will have them at our shows as long as supplies last. Happy sudsing – with extra suds!


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