Fall 2013 Limited Editions

The new soaps just keep on coming!




The description: A spicy, dry, slightly fruity floral, Chrysanthemum is a very fresh, clean fragrance and perfectly suited to fall!

I have always loved chrysanthemums, as long as I can remember. I think they are a very underrated flower, with lots of character and a delightful scent. So I’m happy to be able to bring this to this year’s fall lineup!

Available here and here in soap, and here in other products.

Oak Leaves & Acorns

Oak Leaves & Acorns

Oak Leaves & Acorns

The description: Fall leaves and late summer flowers, with an undercurrent of evergreen. A symphony of autumnal delight!

This is one of the most-loved fall scents in the whole line, but I seem to have the most incredible amount of trouble getting it to behave itself properly and turn into soap! It’s really not the fragrance’s fault; it actually soaps like a dream. But I have a truly disproportionate number of mishaps when soaping this fragrance! Still, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out this time. (We won’t talk about how many tries it took to get here, hm?)

Available here and here in soap, with other products available here.

Next week the last eight of the fall and miscellaneous Limited Editions will be released at once, and then winter fragrances will be released either at the end of October or beginning of November.  Happy sudsing!


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