A Bit Of Fundraising

I was going to wait until tomorrow to start publicizing this, but it turns out I’m not that good at waiting – so, here goes: As we approach the end of our fourth year in business, we’re setting out to raise some capital to get over the next couple of hurdles in our business growth. Among other things, we’re hoping to get set up with UPC codes (to enable us to approach some larger stores), upgrade to some larger-scale equipment, and streamline some of our processes. So in the best 21st century crowdfunding spirit, we turn to you, the public, for help raising the funds, via Indiegogo. Please take a moment to look over our campaign (and the perks we offer!) and maybe toss us a few bucks? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And please, share the link with your friends!

Oh, and check back from time to time as the campaign progresses – I have a feeling we’ll be adding more goodies along the way.

(Also, for those who feel this blog has been a bit light on actual SOAP lately, you’re not wrong. There’ll be soap pictures tomorrow, I promise!)


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