Miscellaneous News

It’s a good thing I try to avoid promising to update this more often, because it just doesn’t happen. Lately I seem to have been – well, “hibernating” is about as close as I can come, term-wise. I’ve been working, of course, but I’ve been remarkably insular even by my own fairly introverted standards. So I’ve been keeping pretty quiet here and on Facebook and G+, even though occasional things have been happening.

So, an update post.

The most notable thing that’s been happening here is actually something that hasn’t been happening – namely, the orders have not been slowing down anything like as much as I expected in these post-Christmas weeks. I am astonished and very thankful at the order level I’ve been seeing so far in 2014 – you guys are amazing, and I am so lucky to have the best customers ever.

Of course, keeping busy with orders means I have a bit less time than I’d expected to spend on the various “down time projects” I had lined up for the first part of the year, but I’m getting some work done on those, too. I’m still (yes, still) working on mineral makeup – we’ve decided to focus only on eye shadows to start with, and there’s the chance there’ll actually be something for sale in that line before summer. Stay tuned for updates! I also have several building projects in the offing, but until I see what the results of my fundraising campaign look like, I won’t know exactly how I’m going to proceed there. It could be as little as building another few soap molds, or as extensive as whole cabinets and countertops for the workspace. Or somewhere in between, of course.

Soapmaking has been somewhat slowed due to cold temperatures in the workshop this winter causing the soap to behave less well than I like, but between the current warming weather and the new heater we installed in there this week, that roadblock looks to be removed now. So maybe I can kick into high soaping gear soon!

There are a few new things available for sale since my last announcement, too. New liquid soap scents: Prairie Twilight, Before the Harvest, Pink Champagne on Ice, and Egyptian Musk; new bath bomb scents: Pink Champagne on Ice and I Put a Spell on You; and a new limited edition soap: Amazon Lily Rain. There are also two new additions to the Hops in the Shower/beer soap lineup: Winter’s End and My Favorite Things. Plus the clearance sale is still going on.

Well, that brings us mostly up to date, I think. The rest of my day is slated to be spent making giant vats of body butter, so I’d best get on with that – and to all of you, happy sudsing!


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