Game of Soaps (inspired by the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire universe)

Here at last are all seven soaps from my Game of Soaps set, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire!

It’s not too late to snag one of these as a perk for our Indiegogo campaign, running through this Tuesday! Get all seven with a $50 or higher contribution to our fundraiser. If you miss that, though, they’ll be forthcoming for sale in April, so keep an eye out.

Blood of the Dragon

Blood of the Dragon

“I am the blood of the dragon. Do not presume to teach me lessons.”  (Daenerys Targaryen, A Dance with Dragons [George R. R. Martin])

White of hair, violet of eye, and ferocious of temper, the Targaryens are a varied lot, containing the very best and the very worst of humanity. It is said that when a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin – which certainly appears to have come out better for Daenerys than for her brother. Or her father, for that matter.

Scent: Dragon’s Blood, a warm, resinous, musky fragrance.



“Here, every castle had its godswood, and every godswood had its heart tree, and every heart tree its face.” (A Game of Thrones [George R. R. Martin])

Before the Seven with their septs, there were the old gods beyond counting, watching their domain through red eyes in the weirwood trees. The weirwoods are long gone from the southern regions, but in the North, the old gods still watch, and wait.

Scent: A blend of foresty/woodsy notes, with a complex underpinning of floral, mossy, and even a hint of fruity aromas.



“My son has his name, but I will try your summerwine. Just a taste.” (Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones [George R. R. Martin])

Wines from many of the grapes born in the years-long summer of this world are sweet, dripping with syrup and sunshine. Dive into Summerwine soap and indulge yourself in its luscious, fruit-forward scent. Fantastic for fans of fruit, wine, and summer alike.

Scent: Sweet, fruity notes with just a hint of tartness.

Knight of Flowers

Knight of Flowers

“Have you seen Mace Tyrell’s boy? The Knight of Flowers, they call him. Now there’s a son any man would be proud to own to. “ (King Robert, Game of Thrones [George R. R. Martin])

Ser Loras is a complex character. He is a loyal son of House Tyrell, wearing its green-and-gold worked into his own device even when he also sported the cloak of the Rainbow Guard. He never flinches from playing his role in supporting the interests of his family, yet rarely fails to seize more . . . personal opportunities.

Scent: Light, playful florals resting on a bed of roses.

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

“Summer is at an end, and a winter is coming such as this world has never seen.” (Lord Commander Mormont, Game of Thrones [George R. R. Martin])

“Winter is coming”, says House Stark, and never have they been more right. Winter both literal and metaphorical is falling upon the world, with White Walkers poised to sweep over the Wall and across the realms of men. Feel the bite of winter’s wind!

Scent: Ozone and ice, evergreen and cold, fresh air.



“Some lights cast more than one shadow. Stand before the nightfire and you’ll see for yourself.” (Stannis Baratheon, Clash of Kings [George R. R. Martin])

Lit by the red priests and priestesses at sunset, the nightfires are worship and ward, celebrating R’hllor and keeping at bay the night – which is dark and full of terrors. The nightfire itself is not without terror at times, however, consuming those seen to stand in the way of the Lord of Light. Be cleansed – with Nightfire!

Scent: Night-blooming flowers, amber, and incense, all wreathed in a cloud of woodsmoke.



“Snow in the Riverlands. […] Winter is marching south, and half our granaries are empty.“ (Jaime Lannister, A Feast for Crows [George R. R. Martin])

The Riverlands are a lush and fertile land, crossed by many rivers for easy transport, grain mills, and crop irrigation. Alas, years of war have ravaged the Riverlands, leaving food stores dangerously depleted on the brink of a long winter – and its lords, the Tully family, in disarray after a disastrous wedding.

Scent: Fresh, flowing water and green, growing things.

This set was a LOT of fun to make, and I’m excited to be sharing them with you now!


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