Store Announcements

First, some housekeeping: Due to some changes in pricing, the store on this domain at has been closed down, and links to it SHOULD now redirect to proper. The listings previously in that store remain available on Amazon (, and of course, our Etsy store is still open. We’re not ruling out the idea of opening another independent storefront, but for now, Etsy and Amazon should have the bases covered!

Also, today is my personal “Spring is Here!” holiday. In honor of the Feast of the Blessed St Patrick, and also to celebrate a couple of sales milestones recently reached, we’re having a flash sale today on the Etsy store only, from 12 pm to 3 pm Central time. In that time window, use coupon code LUCKOFTHEIRISH to get $10 off any order of $30 or more. And if you buy something green, I’ll throw in a little something extra! Happy sudsing – but stay away from the green beer, that stuff is scary. Go Guinness or Go Home!


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