Wait, what season it it again?

Half a dozen years ago, I was, like most people I know, always ready with the “wait, they put the Christmas trees out HOW early?!” irritation. It seemed like mid-November was plenty early enough, and the scope creep sending Christmas back into October, fercryinoutloud, was Just Too Much.

So then I started Foam on the Range, and after the first year I realized that if I waited until October to think about Christmas, there was no way I’d have things ready to sell during actual Christmas. So OK, fine, now I have to think about Christmas a bit earlier, I can live with that. But each year I have realized I didn’t start early enough – I would find myself floundering about in an ungainly rush trying to get seasonal products finished after people already started asking for them, and generally rushing about like decapitated poultry for the whole last 10 weeks of the year. So every year I move my “start thinking about this” time earlier and earlier until this year I am starting, well, now.

Yes, you read that right. I have made Lists of candidate soaps and scents for the fall and winter months, and in the next weeks I will be embarking upon tests of these scents, and then I’ll crank into production with them, and maybe this year I’ll actually get the jump on the holidays and be ready in time. And even worst-case scenario, at least I’ll have LESS to finish up in my end-of-year headless-chicken-dance.

But I can tell you one thing: It is downright surreal to smell pine and pumpkin in June. We as humans are very olfactorily-oriented, and these scents trigger memories and expectations and emotions. And since in my basement soap cave there is no season (it’s always cool and darkish down there), I get wrapped up in the fall-and-winter scent cloud and then come up and go outside and am actually startled to be smacked in the face with the bright, hot, [either too humid or too dry] reality of summer on the prairie.

I may be an advocate of “live in the now” whenever possible, it’s just that some days I’m not quite sure when that is.

But don’t worry. I won’t be trying to SELL Christmas stuff until at least October. I promise.


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One response to “Wait, what season it it again?

  • Vicki

    Thanks for the reminder! This is the first year that I’m planning on doing specific Autumn and Christmas fragrances – I need to get on with it!!

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