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(Almost) Time To Say Goodbye – And Hello

Summer is certainly still in full swing, but the soaps of summer are nearing an end. Here’s the list of short-timers, which will be vanishing in the next six weeks if not before:

It is possible that some of these will remain available on Amazon after they are gone from Etsy, but there’s no guarantee – if they sell out first, they’re gone, unless and until their number comes up again on the ever-changing rotation of Limited Editions.

The Game of Soaps are also starting to run a bit low, and once those are gone, they’re gone! There will likely be another Game of Soaps set next year, but it will be new and different, not the same ones. So don’t miss out!

But don’t despair – there will be plenty of new Limited Editions showing up to fill the void left behind by these. In fact, the first of these – Oil and Gold – made its 2014 debut last week, and expect a new appearance every week from now into the fall – and happy sudsing!

In which I confide in my readers

I have a confession to make. It’s a bit off, and indeed some of you may find it just a little deviant. Ready? OK, here goes: I actually quite like Mondays.

…yes, yes, I know. It’s a horrible thing to admit.  But here’s the thing: I’ve always had a thing for beginnings. I like beginnings of months, and beginnings of years (and once upon a time when it was relevant, the beginning of the school year was the greatest experience ever, a thing of fresh, clean notebooks and brand-new pens). So why wouldn’t I like beginnings of weeks? Monday morning is the piece of the week in which it all stretches before me in an expanse of beautiful potential. It’s a time in which I look ahead at all the things I will achieve over the course of the next span of days and feel a great sense of preemptive accomplishment.

I haven’t always liked Mondays, of course. In my old life, Mondays weren’t a time of beginning – they were an end. That is to say, an end to the weekend, the only part of the week that seemed worth paying attention to. However, not only is that no longer the case, but I often don’t even realize the weekend has come until it’s half over, unless I have something scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday (like a show!) that requires I keep careful track of the days. But I nearly always recognize Mondays, as a sign that it is time to reset my internal clock, sweep aside the unfinished business of Last Week, and set out anew on a fresh set of tasks (well, sometimes they do include some of last week’s leftover tasks in a sort of to-do list version of debt consolidation, but never mind that) with renewed vigor.

Or at the very least a new perspective.

…anyway, I like Mondays, these days. It’s a good way to put some punctuation in my week, and keep all the days from dissolving into one big ending-in-Y blur.

Shaving Soap? Maybe!

I am asked frequently if I sell shaving soap, to which I must always answer “not at the moment”. I used to offer shaving soap, but it had one teensy little problem: It sucked.

Well. Maybe that’s not such a teensy problem. Anyway, I stopped selling it years ago, because I can eventually learn. Sometimes.

So anyway, I’ve had “develop new shaving soap variant” on my to-do list since, I don’t know, early 2011 sometime. In that time I have read everything I could find on the topic, done some occasional tinkering and data gathering, and generally pondered the question extensively. Eventually I realized I was just procrastinating because I was afraid of making another crappy shaving soap, and gathered my courage and dove metaphorically headfirst into the actual soap pot.

Stirrin' stirrin' stirrin'

Stirrin’ stirrin’ stirrin’

I made several teeny test batches, varying one thing and another even once I’d established a basic formula. I added beer to some for extra lather boost (it was a great success!), I tried it with and without added glycerin (the jury’s still out on that), I tweaked this and adjusted that. And I’m still not done – I’ve got at least another month of the testing phase, and then when everything is sorted out I’ll make actual product and then we’re into the curing time wait – so what I’m saying is, unless you’re interested in having a bit of a Mountain Man look going on for a while, don’t be waiting for Foam on the Range shaving soap for your next shave. But it will be along eventually – and if all goes absolutely perfectly, it may even be here in time for Christmas! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and look, foamy!

All in a lather

All in a lather