Shaving Soap? Maybe!

I am asked frequently if I sell shaving soap, to which I must always answer “not at the moment”. I used to offer shaving soap, but it had one teensy little problem: It sucked.

Well. Maybe that’s not such a teensy problem. Anyway, I stopped selling it years ago, because I can eventually learn. Sometimes.

So anyway, I’ve had “develop new shaving soap variant” on my to-do list since, I don’t know, early 2011 sometime. In that time I have read everything I could find on the topic, done some occasional tinkering and data gathering, and generally pondered the question extensively. Eventually I realized I was just procrastinating because I was afraid of making another crappy shaving soap, and gathered my courage and dove metaphorically headfirst into the actual soap pot.

Stirrin' stirrin' stirrin'

Stirrin’ stirrin’ stirrin’

I made several teeny test batches, varying one thing and another even once I’d established a basic formula. I added beer to some for extra lather boost (it was a great success!), I tried it with and without added glycerin (the jury’s still out on that), I tweaked this and adjusted that. And I’m still not done – I’ve got at least another month of the testing phase, and then when everything is sorted out I’ll make actual product and then we’re into the curing time wait – so what I’m saying is, unless you’re interested in having a bit of a Mountain Man look going on for a while, don’t be waiting for Foam on the Range shaving soap for your next shave. But it will be along eventually – and if all goes absolutely perfectly, it may even be here in time for Christmas! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and look, foamy!

All in a lather

All in a lather


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