(Almost) Time To Say Goodbye – And Hello

Summer is certainly still in full swing, but the soaps of summer are nearing an end. Here’s the list of short-timers, which will be vanishing in the next six weeks if not before:

It is possible that some of these will remain available on Amazon after they are gone from Etsy, but there’s no guarantee – if they sell out first, they’re gone, unless and until their number comes up again on the ever-changing rotation of Limited Editions.

The Game of Soaps are also starting to run a bit low, and once those are gone, they’re gone! There will likely be another Game of Soaps set next year, but it will be new and different, not the same ones. So don’t miss out!

But don’t despair – there will be plenty of new Limited Editions showing up to fill the void left behind by these. In fact, the first of these – Oil and Gold – made its 2014 debut last week, and expect a new appearance every week from now into the fall – and happy sudsing!


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